Antique Crafted Wooden Bar Shelf (2 Shelf)

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Notes from the Artist:

  • This shelf was designed and built by J.C. (843-812-5937)
  • The wood is from an old horse barn in Tennessee.
  • It is my understanding the barn was built in 1903 and torn down in 2015 to make way for houses.
  • I've had the wood sitting in my shop for the last seven years thinking up unique ways to use it and still show its rustic beauty.
  • I make each of my creations in series of 3. Each one may have slight variations from the prior one.
  • Once the third one is made no others will have the same design.
  • The metal rods are decorative pcs from old historic wrought iron. Look closely and you can see the hand hammered marking on the edges. The top shelf guard was bent by hand by me.
  • The 2" steel pos on the side are from the same wrought iron. I hand hammered them into a square C shape in order to hide the screws holding the shelves in place.
  • The metal band in the front of the lower shelf is from a retired bourbon barrel.
  • I hope you will enjoy this limited edition shelf as much as I enjoyed making it.


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