Palmer’s Stretch Rye Whiskey

December 7, 2020


Before it was Burnt Church, the road in the heart of Old Town Bluffton was known as Palmer’s Stretch.  It was on this road that the infamous Lowcountry personality, Harry Cram, was known for throwing annual community-wide horse races with each passing year. Thoroughbred horses flying through the dirt, with our Lowcountry ancestors’ money and hopes pinned on their backs.  Symbols of the charm and grace that emulated what Bluffton once was. And a glimmer of the spark our future still holds. We are the keepers of that flame. Keeping the spark alive within Palmer’s Stretch Rye Whiskey.  A glimpse of our past paired with a vision for our future.  Take a trip back in time with your first sip of Palmer’s Stretch Rye Whiskey. The original wildcard.

Palmer’s Stretch Rye Whiskey – coming early 2021.

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