Holy Tour: How You Can Go Behind the Scenes at Burnt Church Distillery

Behind every drop of spirits from Burnt Church, there’s a story to tell. In fact, there are usually several.

First, there are the stories about the land that inspired us to build our legacy in Bluffton. These are tales of a town at the edge of the world, where Southern charm and grace flow like the waters of the May River Then, there are the stories about the practiced care and dedication that goes into our spirits. These stories we write in grains and spices that coax the finest flavors from inspired fermentation.

And if you’re looking for the best way to experience these stories, it’s through one of our intriguing behind-the-scenes tours.

For the craft spirit aficionado who wants to explore the intersection of art and science where our bourbon, whiskey, vodka, gin, moonshine, and more are born, there’s the Distillery Production Tour. Guided through our beautiful facility by a master distiller, you’ll see every step from collecting the South Carolina-sourced grain to aging the distillate to bottling the delicious final product. Along the way, you’ll learn a few of the trade secrets that set Burnt Church Distillery apart. Afterward, you can sip one of our signature cocktails with a greater appreciation for its craft. Groups for this 30-minute tour are limited to 6 people, and guests must be over 21 years old or accompanied by an adult.

One of the most vital things we do at Burnt Church Distillery is celebrate and explore the town of Bluffton’s rich history. Along the way, we’ve unearthed quite a few hidden gems about our town’s antebellum past, its quiet years as a remote Southern village, and the people who have called it home. During the BCD History and Production Tour, you’ll learn the fascinating history of Bluffton in an immersive tour that includes a full tour of our production facility. It’s the perfect way to truly experience the distillery’s mission: to create the world’s finest craft spirits and share our love for the place we call home. Groups for this 45-minute tour are limited to 6 people, and guests must be over 21 years old or accompanied by an adult.

If you have larger groups, we won’t make you miss out. Contact us directly to book a tour. You’ll not only explore the fascinating stories behind Bluffton and BCD, you’ll also help raise funds for local non-profits. A portion of tour proceeds go to our monthly charity partner; ask which charity you’ll be helping when you book!



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