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Bold Choices, Bold Taste.

…and we’re just getting started

Burnt Church Distillery whiskey and bourbon products began with the intention to hand craft unique spirits that stand apart from the mainstream. From unique mash bills to using local heirloom grain, we’re making bold choices and we invite you to do the same.

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Anitas Choice

Anita’s Choice™

Named in honor of Charleston, SC native and suffragist Anita Pollitzer, Anita’s Choice uses a six-grain mash bill to provide a complex flavor profile. If you are looking to expand your bourbon horizons, make the choice, Anita’s Choice.

Grains: Corn, rye, wheat, Carolina Gold Rice, oat, and malted barley.

97 Proof / 48.5% ABV

Bluffton Whiskey

Bluffton Whiskey™

We wanted to produce a whiskey to make our hometown proud. To celebrate the State of Mind that’s used to describe Bluffton, SC, we decided to produce a whiskey using Carolina Gold Rice. Who does that? We do. This unique mash bill delivers a whiskey that has sweet, nutty notes, and is an easy sipper.

Grains: Carolina Gold Rice, wheat, and malted barley.

95 Proof / 47.5% ABV

Palmers Stretch

Palmer’s Stretch™

Named after the historic road in Bluffton, SC, now curiously known as Burnt Church Road, Palmer’s Stretch is a “low rye” that uses wheat as the secondary grain. We like to think of this whiskey as a rye whiskey for bourbon drinkers. The flavor profile features traditional but subtle rye spices combined with the sweet notes from the wheat.

Grains: Rye, wheat and malted barley

97 Proof / 48.5% ABV

Johnny Fever

Johnny Fever™

Our co-founder Billy Watterson wanted to make a bourbon that honored his father-in-law, whose nickname was, in fact, Johnny Fever. What is inside the bottle is as creative and intentional as the bottle itself. This four-grain bourbon has a nice balanced nose, flavor profile, and finish. We believe Johnny would be proud.

Grains: Corn, rye, wheat, and malted barley.

100 Proof / 50% ABV

Available at Burnt Church Distillery only, limited availability.


Confession™ Bourbon Whiskey

We have a Confession to make – we didn’t make this bourbon. But, just because we didn’t make it, doesn’t mean it’s any less spectacular. A traditional mash bill of corn, rye and malted barley give this bourbon a robust and bold profile.

Grains: Corn, rye and malted barley

105 Proof / 52.5% ABV

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